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Transitioning into Telemedicine: How to Tailor your CV for Maximum Play

Posted on: December 3rd, 2021 by Aaron Risen

When it comes to telemedicine, the transition can often seem daunting. But there are a few things that can help your transition to this burgeoning form of healthcare be more successful.   One of the most appealing aspects of telemedicine for both providers and patients is the expanded availability it brings to the table. Direct-to-consumer, telemedicine […]

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Specialty Virtual Care Networks: Why You Should Join

Posted on: June 28th, 2021 by Aaron Risen

Virtual care networks for primary and urgent care telemedicine visits are now commonplace. The top three networks have built out their panels of physicians and report having over 10,000 physicians providing care on their platforms. As you can imagine, as many practices shuttered their doors at the height of the pandemic, physicians flocked to these networks and to subscription-based SaaS […]

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Addressing Physician Shortages on Your Medical Staff in 2021

Posted on: May 28th, 2021 by Aaron Risen

In-person, Virtual, & Hybrid Coverage Models  In 2020, the United States (and the world) faced a monumental uphill battle — defeating COVID-19. With what would quickly become an all-hands-on-deck scenario growing day-by-day, physician and healthcare worker shortages were quickly thrown into the spotlight.  Over the last year and a half, many hospitals struggled with retaining healthy […]

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The Rise of AI: Benefits to Healthcare Providers Pt. 1

Posted on: April 21st, 2021 by Carmen Renaldy

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are increasing their investment in artificial intelligence (AI). AI is helping healthcare providers during the pandemic to monitor spread of the illness, determining when hospitals will need PPE, and streamlining vaccine development and distribution.   In a Deloitte survey, nearly 3 in 4 healthcare organizations said they […]

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Locum Tenens or Telemedicine? A Guide for Moonlighting Physicians

Posted on: May 14th, 2020 by Del Renaldy

In recent years, the potential employment options and career paths for physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals have taken a turn for the better thanks to new and exciting opportunities, particularly in telemedicine and locum tenens. For ambitious providers, leveraging either of these employment options can provide plenty of unique rewards, including greater workplace […]

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What are the Best States for Telemedicine?

Posted on: December 11th, 2019 by Del Renaldy

The United States continues to become friendlier to the practice of telehealth, helping foster the growth of virtual care businesses and products one state at a time. And, these industry-impacting changes are occurring rapidly. The American Telemedicine Association recently reported that 80% of all US states have moved to improve telemedicine coverage or reimbursements over […]

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Friendly PC Models for Telehealth Companies

Posted on: August 22nd, 2019 by Aaron Risen

In the healthcare industry, telehealth companies and other entities that provide virtual medical care often structure their organization using a friendly PC business model. This common type of business structure helps these entities clear a variety of regulatory hurdles and adhere to various state laws regarding the Corporate Practice of Medicine.    What is the […]

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On-Demand Staffing Models in Telemedicine

Posted on: August 6th, 2019 by Carmen Renaldy

A Physicians Guide to On-Demand Telemedicine Staffing Models On-demand staffing is very similar to how companies like Uber or Lyft operate their driver staffing. Telemedicine companies will manage a large pool of contracted doctors or nurse practitioners that consult with patients. Those medical care providers come online, log into the telemedicine platform and make themselves […]

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Store and Forward in Telehealth: A Model for Success

Posted on: June 26th, 2019 by Carmen Renaldy

Compared to other facets of modern medicine, telemedicine is still very much in its infancy stage. The tools leveraged within traditional healthcare settings are still being steadily adapted, refined, and advanced to meet the needs of both telehealth companies and patients seeking care. And as the entire healthcare industry continues embracing new and exciting communication […]

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Getting Started in Telemedicine: A Guide for Physicians

Posted on: May 9th, 2019 by Aaron Risen

Curious About a Career in Telemedicine? Follow These Telemedicine Best Practices to Get Started! As more and more healthcare systems seek to streamline operations and reduce costs, the telemedicine market’s popularity has exploded – and it’s showing no signs of stopping. In fact, recent research by Global Market Insights, Inc. predicts that the US telemedicine […]

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