Transitioning into Telemedicine: How to Tailor your CV to Stand Out in a Crowd

Earlier this month we talked about a few of the characteristics a top telehealth provider has. Telemedicine is a good gig to land. But, while the job market is increasing daily, so is the competition.  

Gone are the days of the blanket CV. For your transition to telemedicine, you will almost certainly be asked to provide a complete, relevant, and accurate summary of your medical experience. Here’s how you can stand out in a crowd.  

Provide a Clear Record of Quality Medical Care 

It’s more than where you went to school.  

Provide previous work placements, experiences and accolades. If your specialty is one that lends itself to long-distance care, or if you have previous experience in providing long-distance telemedicine, this is a good place to showcase it.  

In addition, your record of care can help demonstrate your confidence in your ability. Do you need to run your diagnosis by a colleague to get it right or do you place trust in your own judgement and education to see you through.  

Complete Documentation of all Licenses 

Many states require specific medical licenses based upon a candidate’s specialty of care. Don’t let your chosen organization guess if you’re qualified. You’ll be required to show proof eventually and providing documentation of necessary licensure up-front can speed up the process.  

Have a Good “Webside” Manner 

Telehealth keeps you one layer removed from your patient. A positive, caring “webside” manner is key. This involves clear communication and the proven ability to stay engaged when not physically interacting with a patient. Can you read a patient’s body language or facial cues?  

Candidates who communicate clearly and present a friendly, engaging demeanor over video conferencing have a leg up.  

Be Moral, Ethical, and Accountable 

Personal accountability and a strong sense of moral and ethical responsibility is key to providing good telehealth services and telehealth practices will be looking for candidates who exhibit all three characteristics. Having the self-motivation to work effectively outside of a “normal” office or healthcare environment can help set you apart.  

Join a Professional Organization 

It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals in your chosen career-path. Professional medical organization give you an opportunity to network with someone who may end up on the hiring end of your CV.  

But, it’s not just about networking with someone who could eventually hire you. Some professional medical organizations also offer specialized training in etiquette, privacy, ethics, and more.